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JUNE: PRAYER (Reimagine Salem Monthly Highlight)

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

In June (2022) our visioning focus revolved around PRAYER. We PRAY for God to help us to pray. (Yes, we are praying about praying!) We continue to PRAY for boldness to believe that God will answer our prayers. We continue to chip away at our visioning process to make our prayers a soon to be reality!

On Sunday, June 19th, 2022 Steve Keck lead us in Table Talk conversations about what prayer means to us. We took time to connect, communicate and pray together for the benefit of one another and for Salem UMC as a whole.

Table Talk Sunday was concluded with a group prayer.

"God of the Vision,

Thank-you for the wonderful plans you have for us. We remember today that you are a visionary God- you dreamed up the whole creation and set into motion all that is good.

You boldly envisioned a future for us where we could bring about your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. You lovingly dream of a world in which we can all thrive. Wow.

God, help us to be the church that you dream us to be. Bring us together in one heart and one mind to boldly go wherever it is you are calling us to go. Give us the vision, your vision.

We are your children and Salem is your church. Thank-you and Amen."

We invite you to join us for more of our 3rd Sunday table talks to continue the conversation. This is only the beginning!

“With all prayer (Eph. 6:18)" All sorts of prayer - public, private, mental, vocal.

Do not be diligent in one kind of prayer and negligent in others... let us use all.”

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