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What if you could ask God a question? Questions you have
about or to God answered in this new sermon series!
We all have questions and none of us knows all the answers.
But sometimes people are scared to ask questions because
they feel they are somehow being unfaithful to God or the
church. Yet the Bible is full of stories of people who asked
God questions. And the Bible describes a God who is open to
our questions and willing to interact with us. Jesus spent
much of his ministry developing disciples as he listened and
responded to their questions.

This past Spring, Pastor Warner invited people to submit questions they have for God. He received 35
questions which have been narrowed down into five categories. This fall, beginning September 16th Pastor
Warner will be preaching a series called “Got Questions.” Here are the topics for each of the weeks:

9/16 Can you have faith in God and still have questions?
9/23 How do we discern God’s direction for our lives?
10/7 Why is there suffering and evil?
10/14 What does Scripture say about human sexuality and gay marriage?
10/21 What is Heaven & Hell?
10/28 What does it mean to be saved? Why believe in God?

Join us for this new sermon series which will be a wonderful and challenging adventure.

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