Sermon Series: “Walking With Jesus”

Join us as we spend 20 weeks Walking with Jesus just as the Disciples walked with Jesus through a new sermon series.  You can review the sermon series (WWJ) schedule below. You can get a jump on this series by taking up the “Gospel Challenge” and doing a quick read through Mark beginning Sunday, February 2, 2020. Take the challenge yourself, or join a small group to study this book!

Walking With Jesus Sermon Schedule

  • 2/2  The Good News of Jesus (Study: Mark 1:1-45)
  • 2/9  A Life of Forgiveness (Study Mark 2:1-3:6)
  • 2/16 Following Jesus (Study Mark 3:7-35)
  • 2/23 Parables of the Kingdom (Study Mark 4:1-34)
  • 3/1 Trading Fear for Faith (Study Mark 4:35-5:43)
  • 3/8 Opposition Mounts (Study Mark 6:1-29)
  • 3/15 Amazing Compassion (Study Mark 6:30-56)
  • 3/22 The Heart of the Matter (Study Mark 7:1-37)
  • 3/29 Failing the Test (Study Mark 8:1-9:1)
  • 4/5 Faith Gets Difficult (Study Mark 9:2-29)
  • 4/12 Welcome to the War (Study Mark 9:30-50)
  • 4/19 Rethinking Controversial Issues (Study Mark 10:1-31)
  • 4/26 Not What You Expect (Study Mark 10:32-52)
  • 5/3  Jesus in Jerusalem (Study Mark 11:1-33)
  • 5/10 Tragedy and Traps (Study Mark 12:1-44)
  • 5/17 Signs of the End (Study Mark 13:1-37)
  • 5/24 Prepared for Death (Study Mark 14:1-25)
  • 5/31 Forsaken and Rejected (Study Mark 14:26-72)
  • 6/7 Condemned and Crucified (Study Mark 15:1-39)
  • 6/14 Victory over Death (Study Mark 15:40-16:20)

Read the Gospel of Mark in one week:

Join a Small Group Bible Study!

  • 2/2 – Sun – Ch 1, 2
  • 2/3 – Mon – Ch 3, 4
  • 2/4 – Tue – Ch 5, 6, 7
  • 2/5 – Wed – Ch 8, 9
  • 2/6 – Thu – Ch 10, 11, 12
  • 2/7 – Fri – Ch 13, 14
  • 2/8 – Sat – Ch 15, 16

“Mark: 20 Studies for Individuals and Groups” By N.T. Wright. If you order from the church gets a small credit! We will also have a limited number of books available here at the church. Join a group and take the reading challenge!

Participate in a small group to share and discuss with others as you participate in this journey of discovery and renewal and strengthening of your faith.  Sign-up for one of my Pastor’s Small Groups or host a small group of your own.  Invite a couple of friends or family members to meet with you once a week.  
We’ll be using the book “Mark: 20 Studies for Individuals and Groups” by N.T. Wright to guide us in our journey over the coming weeks.  Each week will be introduced in the sermon with an overview and introduction to the passages for that week.

Have questions about joining or creating a small group? Email Pastor Warner for more details at [email protected]

You are encouraged to be part of a Small Group and use this study guide by N.T. Wright.  Lay Leader, Brenda Binns, will be hosting a small group on Monday evenings from 7 pm – 8 pm. (Starting Monday February 10, 2020). Pastor Warner will be leading a small group on  Wednesday afternoons from 12 – 1 pm. (Starting Wednesday, February 12, 2020). Sign-up now if you would like to be in the Pastor’s small group or share a day and time when you would like to lead a small group. Please sign up for a group by emailing us which group you would like to join [email protected]! You may also contact us with questions.

Or join the discussion on Facebook by visiting our page here!

We will watch how Jesus leads, relates, and interacts with regular people and with religious leaders.  We will hear the same teaching his Disciples heard.  And perhaps we will see our own faith, questions, doubts, hopes and fears in the lives of the Disciples who followed Jesus.