What We Believe

We are a United Methodist Church.

Our Mission Transforming Lives Through Christ (TLC)

The United Methodist Church (UMC) was formed in 1968 when the Evangelical United Brethern Church and The Methodist Church merged. Our beliefs are rooted in the Word of God and the historic Confessions of the Christian Faith. United Methodists share a common heritage with all Christians. According to our foundational statement of beliefs found in The Book of Discipline, we follow basic affirmations in common with all Christian communities. We share Christ’s love, serve others, we worship God and aim to nurture people in the community. You can read more about our history clicking here.

Salem United Methodist Church (SUMC)

We Share Christ’s Love

• We reach out to share the message of Jesus Christ with others.
• We practice radical hospitality to share God’s love with others.
• We offer a welcoming environment so that visitors are comfortable in worship and other activities.
• We host a variety of community events.
• We support missionary work through our prayers and gifts.
• We build unity by showing God’s love for all people.
• We respond to the spiritual and physical needs of our church family and those within our local community.

We Serve Others Through Christ

• We care for the diverse health needs of our church family.
• We address injustices in our community and the world.
• We support the work of Team Orwigsburg mission team.
• We are a living witness to the community through the Orwigsburg Food Pantry.
• We serve the poor by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of our community.

We Worship, Glorify and Praise God

• We offer excellent music and singing through various styles at all worship services.
• We regularly, creatively, and passionately worship God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We Nurture People As Disciples Of Jesus Christ.

• We train people to be faithful stewards of God’s creation & to use God’s gifts effectively and responsibly.
• We utilize retreats, events and small groups offered at the church to help people grow deeper in their faith.
• We offer a varied Christian Education program for persons of all ages. Youth and kid programs are available and encouraged.
• We offer programs that support and create strong, positive and healthy families and beliefs.
• We strive to grow spiritually and numerically.
• We are in ministry to and with the youth of our community.
• We build up, support, and equip people to become leaders to serve Christ in our community and the world.
• We are committed to encouraging and supporting Bible study.
• We help the most vulnerable by being God’s hands and feet.
• We seek to develop facilities that support our mission.