Become part of the Volunteer Team! We are always looking for extra hands to help spread God’s love throughout our community. We work hard to maintain a strong volunteer crew to help with events, special worships, activities and more! People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. We have a place for you! Find your perfect volunteer opportunity today by emailing the Church Office today! All or volunteers have background clearances available upon request. If you are considering becoming a volunteer please click here for more information about obtaining your clearances. Salem practices Safe Sanctuary procedures and makes sure all events are fun and safe! Join the team!





We will have an initial set up meeting for VBS 2020 on Sunday January 12, 2020 right after second service at  12 noon. The purpose of the meeting is to assign leaders to specific sections. We will once again do a TEAM approach for VBS. WE NEED YOU!! If you would like to be part of VBS 2020, please come.For more details contact the office or refer to our events page on our website here!

Every Winter we have so many animals in our area pass away due to the cold weather or not having any shelter. This year, I would like to change that. If you have old blankets, boxes, etc. please leave them at the church so we can make small shelters for the animals. We will leave these shelters around parks under trees and bushes to give these animals a warm home during Winter. Let’s help animals survive this year, because they cannot do it without us.—Sammy Street You may contact Sammy for information at [email protected].

Leadership has set a goal for 2020 to upgrade our video and sound equipment in the church.  Our current equipment is more than 10 years old and is in need of updating.  We are looking to form a team of  tech-savvy folks to help us review and upgrade our equipment.  Please contact Pastor Warner by emailing him at [email protected] if you would like to help and be a part of this team. Thank you in advance for helping the church upgrade our equipment.

Worship Participants

Food Pantry Volunteers

Community Events

We are always in need of participants to help make our Sunday Services a success! You do not need previous experience to help. Make your year meaningful by giving back to the Lord by volunteering your time in worship. Please consider signing up at the Welcome Desk and indicate which role you would like to partake in. We need YOU!!! Plans? Don’t worry you can sign up to volunteer for any other future dates by contacting the Church Office at: [email protected] to indicate what role and what worship time and date you would like to participate in. We need your help to make it happen!

The local food pantry isn’t just in need of donations — we need volunteers too! Food Pantry Distribution is part of Salem’s outreach and witness to our community. We are in need of volunteers who can package supplies, and lift and distribute boxes. Food Pantry needs and updates are posted in our weekly bulletins and our monthly newsletter updates. If you would like to be notified when the Food Pantry needs help you can sign up for our email updates and monthly newsletter Here


We are involved in many community outreaches and events that YOU can be a part of! Whether it’s donating supplies, or donating your time — we appreciate all of your help! We provide many family fun events that are 100% FREE and open to the public. In order to have these events continue for generations to come, we need your support.  Check out some of our upcoming Events or email the church office for more ways to volunteer! Please consider signing up and make a difference in your community. Join us!

Team Orwigsburg: Outreach Ministry

Church Cleaning Crew Volunteers Needed!

Youth Group Leaders Counselors Wanted

Team Orwigsburg is a local mission team that works within the community to expand our outreach program. The Team also has an annual Mission Trip to serve outside our town and to lend a hand to those in need. Meetings are held normally the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm. Team Orwigsburg Serves Dinner for Applewood Senior Citizens every 3rd Thursday of each month.

Help keep our church clean! Our Trustees have been using volunteers for our weekly church cleaning. Its important to keep our church clean and nice for our community and all of our church goers. We need a few extra volunteers to help with this cleaning service. Remember, many hands make light work! Consider volunteering your time to keep our facilities and church clean. Please contact the church office if you can help. You can contact the Church Office at [email protected]. Thank you in advance for your help!


Search for additional Youth Counselors! Are you good with youth? Are you a natural born leader? We are looking for a couple more persons to work along-side Youth Group Leader, Susan Carlson, when we start Youth Group this fall.  Can you help? Contact the office!

Youth Group meets once a month on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 12:15 pm after second service.