SNL Worship

Sunday Night Live (SNL) Worships! Come experience our coffeehouse style worship!

SNL (Sunday Night Live) Worship is held every Sunday evening at Salem. SNL Worship is led by Lay Leader, Brenda Binns. SNL is a free, fun and casual  way to connect with the church community. All ages are welcome to Worship. SNL consists of different lesson, group discussions and prayer. SNL also offers special programs such as Meal & Movie Night, Rock Worship / Live Band Nights, and more!


SNL Meal & Movie Nights are held monthly. A movie will be shown followed by meal and group discussion. SNL Meal & Movie Nights are 100% FREE and everyone is welcome! Movie nights start at 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM. The entrance to Sandherr Hall is on Independence Street. Contact Brenda Binns for more information. Movies are family friendly and faith based. Consider bringing a guest or family along!

For any questions please contact Lay Leader Brenda Binns for more information. You can contact Brenda by emailing her at [email protected]