Small Groups Fall 2017

Fall Small Groups begin in October

This October we will begin our Fall Small Group study on the book, “When Christians Get It Wrong,” by Adam Hamilton.

Statistics show that young adults have and are continuing to leave the Christian church in huge numbers. Many of these young adults have been turned way by unChristian behavior and beliefs from Christians. Adam Hamilton explores six of the top areas where he feels Christians often misrepresent Jesus Christ in to-day’s world.

This study will be helpful to people who have walked away or who have serious questions about the Christian faith and message. It’s also helpful for Christians to explore how we as Christians often misrepresent Jesus Christ to the world around us and how we can more faithfully represent Christ in today’s world.

Groups and preaching topics will begin the week of October 1.

1.  Thursday, 7:15 PM – Denny Booher – place to be determined
2.  Thursday, 10 am – Barbara Stein –  at church (women only)
3.  Sunday, 5:00 PM – Steward Warner – Church office
4.  Sunday, 6:30 PM – Brenda Binns – otherly abled persons

Deer Lake
1.  TBA – Lynn Nickels
2.  TBA – Tom & Sue Bowitz

Schuylkill Haven
1.  TBA – Brigitte Yeager

1.  TBA

St. Clair
1.  TBA – Claudia Larsen

Please email Pastor Warner ([email protected]) if God is leading you to be a small group facilitator. We will provide books along with group study guides and the DVD for group leaders here at Salem.

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