Kevin O’Brassill


Hi, my name is Kevin O’Brassill. My main goal in worship is for each individual to connect to the Father for themselves, and for their relationship to mature with Christ accordingly. I have been at Salem for about 6 years. My wife Denise and I have been married for almost 40 years. We have lived in Lititz, Pennsylvania for over 30 years. We have three grown children, and 9 grandchildren. 

I have been around the  “Jesus music scene”, which is now called Contemporary Christian Music, in many capacities since the late 70’s. I have played as a rhythm guitarist and/or filled in as worship leader at different churches and organizations in Lancaster County, PA area and will continue too as time allows. In addition, I have a christian rock band named “Forgiven”. We have been playing at community events such as 2nd Friday in Lititz, PA, music 1st Friday in Lancaster, PA, car cruises,as well as church events for the last 20 years wherever they will have us. I’m told “Forgiven” is a bit unique in the type of music we play. We do 60’s & 70’s Jesus music and “Christianized” old rock tunes, as well as original songs. Here is a reference someone wrote:

“Forgiven filled a segment in Music in the Meadow this last summer and were on stage for a hour. We were very impressed with their style and talent. They have a heart for communicating the gospel of Christ using a little different way. Their use of old familiar melodies with original words brings out a different audience from the normal young rock crowd. But most of all there was a sense of really wanting to follow the leading of the Spirit. We would welcome them back again. Sincerely, Ken Umble”