Electronic Giving

Few people write checks today.  Many people are now using bill pay or other online options for charitable giving and for paying regular bills.  Salem church provides two options for electronic giving.

1)  Setup bill pay with you own bank

The first option is to check with your own bank about electronic bill pay and setup an automatic payment through your bank that will be sent to the church on a regular basis.

2) Setup online giving with Vanco Payment Solutions

The second option is to setup your giving through Vanco Services. Vanco is a third party vendor who works with local churches across the country. They automate the process and send your giving to the church.  Using this option requires filling in a form with your bank account and giving information and returning it to the church. We then process your form with Vanco to setup your automatic giving. You can download the form below.  Two versions are available, Microsoft Word and Adobe pdf.

Click here for online payment setup form MsWord document

Click here for online payment setup form PDF document