It is with an abundance of caution and great sadness that Church Council is canceling worship services, Children’s Time, SNL and all Sunday activities, all church activities and all meetings being held in the church. Church Council will re-evaluate situations and we will announce when services and events are running again.  All events listed are subject to change depending on how long we are not allowed to return to church.
Any additional event postponements and cancellations will be announced as we get more information.
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time!



BRUNCH & BELLS – HANDBELL SUNDAY: A message from our handbell choir The GOD SQUAD – “We were very sad to not be able to ring on March 15th. We are hoping to ring our music as soon as we are back to church. We will update you as soon as we know more. Thank you for your compassion and understanding.”

EASTER EGG HUNT: POSTPONED – The egg hunt has been postponed until we return to church. We are hopeful to have the egg hunt sometime in May (2020). If you have filled eggs to return, just hold on to them for the time being. We will update you when you are able to drop them off to the church. Currently the church is still closed until further notice. Since we have filled eggs, we will be trying to have the hunt once conditions are safe and sound enough for us to reopen. Thank you for understanding!! Any  further questions, please contact Barb Stein at 570-449-6533.

EASTER SUNDAY: POSTPONED – Easter is on Hold! It looks like we won’t be in church on Easter Sunday, April 12th. So we will plan to have Easter on the Sunday we return to church. Further updates and details regarding this will be emailed once we have more information.


All events listed are subject to change depending on how long we are not allowed to return to church. Any additional postponements and cancellations will be announced.

 STUFFED ANIMAL/BEANIE BABY DRIVE –  During May/June 2020, we will be looking for clean, like-new looking animals and beanie babies to use for prizes for Block Party 2020. Start de-cluttering and save all those cute treasures for our drive. All those smiling faces of kids at the block party will be your reward for your generosity.

TEAM VBS 2020 “KNIGHTS OF NORTH CASTLE” – TEAM VBS 2020 “Knights of North Castle” We are still looking for leaders to join our Team VBS 2020. Please contact Barb Stein at 570-449-6533 or Pastor Stew at [email protected] to see what needs to be filled. Please consider joining our team this year! Please contact the church office with any questions. You must have all required background clearances to participate. Thank you!!

CHURCH CLEANING HELPERS NEEDED – Our Trustees have been using volunteers for our weekly church cleaning. Its important to keep our church clean and nice for our community and our church goers. We need a few extra volunteers to help with cleaning service. Remember, many hands make light work! Consider volunteering your time to keep our facilities and church clean. Please contact the church office if you can help. Contact the Church Office at [email protected]

SAVE NOW FOR CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!! – Save all those unwanted gifts for our Annual Christmas in July Sale happening on July 18, 2020 from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. This event will take place on the Church Office porch. It’s time to start your spring cleaning! But don’t throw those like-new items away — Everything can be used! Last year, we gave away all leftover items from the sale to  charity, so we are starting over again this year. Start saving now!! Keep up to date with newsletters and bulletins to see when you can start bringing in items.

GRADUATE RECOGNITION SUNDAY – We are looking for names of anyone who will be graduating this year from High School, College, Trade School, Business School, etc. Please email or message Barb at [email protected] OR call / text at 1-570-449-6533. The date of Graduate Recognition Sunday will be May 31, 2020. This day is to recognize and acknowledge the hard work theses students have done and celebrate their accomplishments.